Thursday, August 4, 2011

Common Core Standards Posters

Did you see (or buy) Deanna Jump's AWESOME Common Core Standards Posters?  As soon as I saw her first grade version, I knew I had to have them!!!  Click HERE to see her awesome work and find out how to purchase them.  She offers them for kindergarten and first grade.  After I printed my posters, I needed to make a ribbon to hang them on and I got a little carried away at JoAnn's!  I was not only thinking of myself (see the bee?), I was thinking of all the other teachers out there who would like to hang their posters on a ribbon, too!  So...I made some cute "poster holders", opened an Etsy shop and have them available for purchase now!  Click on the picture to go directly to my Etsy shop.  Enjoy! 

I woke up to find a very hurtful, and MEAN comment on this post this morning (Saturday 8/6/11) that I instantly removed.  Apparently, I need to make something very clear...I DID NOT steal Deanna's ideas.  I personally emailed her for permission to link to her post about her AWESOME CCSS posters and ribbon idea.  She gave me full permission to link back to her wonderful ideas and even wished me good luck with my Etsy store.  She is the nicest lady under the sun and all of her students are so very lucky to have her as a teacher.  I am sad I lost a follower (the comment said she removed herself as a follower), but I know the other 404 followers of mine will still be supportive and hopefully I will gain many more in the midst of things. 

It's great to be back from vacation!!!  More fun stuff is coming...


Anonymous said...

Awww, I love these! Especially the bumblebee and the frog. :-)

Anonymous said...

People can be so mean and ignorant. Ignore them all, especially when you know you are correct.

I Love what you do and how dedicated you are.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry that they posted a mean comment instead of emailing you asking if you have permission. I recently started a blog but to be honest I'm kind of scared to post creations. I know most of them have been inspired by wonderful and talented teachers or it's an idea that's been done before. That's the thing with the whole stealing the ideas of other teachers. I mean if it looks exactly like someone elses and your trying to sell it then yeah that is wrong. But to me if you come across something you think was stolen or not given proper credit email the person and ask if they got permission before you accuse and hurt feelings. And if you are inspired and want to post it and are not sure then ask the person who inspired you so that you are safe and they are not shocked when it comes up even if they do credit you. Or in your post that you are posting with permission.

Janine said...

Why oh why do these things continue to happen? I am so sorry that you have had to wake up and read something hurtful, but please know that 1 out of 404 is just that, only 1. People really need to learn that if they don't have anything nice to say, just stay quiet. Jealousy is usually the fuel that sparks these flames, so leave it at that. You are loved and you are amazing. You did the right thing, so just try to move on.

Faithful in First

Ms. W said...

I am so sorry that people use the comment area to post hurtful things. Most of us on our blogs have a way to be reached by email and if someone has a disagreement with us they can tell us that way.
I enjoy every blog I have read this summer. I am inspired and want every blogger I read that they teach me everyday new approaches, fun ways to make my school year fun! Keep on bloggin' We enjoy your posts!

Amanda said...

I am here to send love as a new follower! I am confused. Aren't we all blogging to help each other out? I just started blogging a week ago and am trying to give credit where it is due but sometimes I honestly don't remember where I see ideas although I always say it was stolen or borrowed from someone and then tweaked. I am vowing to be better about this because of your post. Keep doing what you love doing and don't worry about the naysayers.

Anais said...

Did they read your post? I bought Deanna's Common Core Standards and love your idea about adding the wood figure at the top. I thought blogging was about sharing ideas in a way just like this...where one idea sparks another. It saddens me someone would leave a mean comment and might keep others from sharing their inspirations. I love your blog and will always "BEE" a follower!
First Grade Garden

Kristen said...

Hey Janine! I love your blog, your always sweet comments, and the lovely ideas you share. Have a wonderful weekend :)

Barbie said...

I have already put these on my pinterest... They are adorable!I haven't decided which is my favorite! Don't worry about the comment because there are lots of other followers who think you are doing a great job!!!
Really Roper

Deanna Jump said...

Hey Sweet Girl,
We all get meanies who like to leave negative comments. It is so hard not to let them get to you! I love your ribbon idea and I hope you have TONS of success selling them! I will make a post about your fab idea as soon as I get a chance!

Kim said...

Just stopping by to send you some bloggy love! Your blog is great and don't let negative nellies get you down! Look how sweet Deanna was in her comments! Enough said! Keep up the WONDERFUl work!

Alisha Stevens said...

I pinned this on Pinterest! So cute!
Don't let one person get you down. I appreciate what you are doing on your blog!

Jana said...

417 followers now :)
I love the poster holders! I need creative people like you out there because I am not. I can't wait to see what else you share.

Carolee said...

I'm a new follower! Love your blog and ideas. After all that's what it is all about sharing ideas! I am amazed at all of the amazing teachers out there that come up with such awesome ideas!
Thank you:))

Rebecca Rojas said...

So sorry that you received a mean comment. I'm a new follower...hopefully that will make up for the one you lost today!


Barbara said...

Don't worry about the nasty comment. My husband's a newspaper columnist and he's always amazed at how people misread something he wrote that he thought was so clear.

I thought your post was crystal clear and the ribbons VERY cute.

Love your blog :))

Grade ONEderful

Sarah Adams said...

You've gained another follower! Your ideas are fab!
I just started a blog too!


Freckleteacher said...

You did everything right and the comment was unfortunate. I am sure the person did not understand that you were given permission.

I am very new to reading blogs (I don't have one) and your blog is so amazing! It helps me to keep up with all of the fantastic ideas!

Keep your chin up and feel the love from your many admirers!

Allison said...

I really think that is what teaching is all about... gathering ideas from other and tweaking them to make them your own to fit the needs of your students! People who are negative generally are unhappy and simply jealous! Maybe that person didn't think of the idea themselves fast enough and now they are upset? Anyway, just try to enjoy the people that love your blog and try not to take comments from strangers personally (easier said then done sometimes!)... keep your chin up, hold your head high and proud and know that teachers everywhere are grateful for the work that you do!!!

Mrs. McHaffie said...

You just gained me as a follower!! Super cute idea!

Beg, Borrow, Steal

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas said...

I think as teachers we are always trying to bring out the best in everyone, including ourselves. So, if you are like me, you focus on that one mean thing, trying to improve what they didn't like. My husband is the one who taught me this ~ since you don't respect the person and the way they presented themself, don't respect the remark!
Look how many new followers you got! Way to go, I'm also now following your TPT and TN stores!
Happy New Year,
Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!
Fern Smith’s Pinterest Boards!