Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rainy Day Ideas

These are fun, but simple games that kids love to play!  Maybe you have already played them in your room...

Still as a Statue
When we are waiting outside of the gym, library, music or art rooms for our special to start we play Still as a Statue.  Not only do the kids think this game is totally fun, it keeps them quiet while we wait!  Tell them to be as still as a statue.  When you find a child standing so still that all they are doing is breathing and blinking, pick them to be"it."  Then they get a turn finding a friend who is also still as a statue and the person who was "it" goes back into the line.  Continue playing until your wait is over!   : )

4 Corners
I like to play this game on those rainy days when kids don't get to go outside for recess.  The teacher covers her eyes and counts to ten, slowly.  The kids go to a corner in the room (assign the corners numbers 1-4 in the room before you begin the game).  When the counter reaches 10, call a corner before uncovering your eyes.  All of the kids in that corner are "out" and have to sit at their desks.  Start counting again and continue playing until you are down to 4 kids.  When you have 4 kids, they have to pick separate corners.  Continue playing until there is only one child left standing.  I let my kids choose a prize from my prize basket for winning.

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Jessica said...

We plan a game similar to the statue game! We call it "Quiet Mouse" and whoever is standing the quietest with bubble and ducktale will go first! Then they get to pick the Quiet Mouse. My kinders love it! =)

Hadar said...

I'm following her! now she only needs 1 more!!! :)