Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Locker Tag Ideas

I am browsing catalogs making my orders for next year.  I always purchase these nameplates from Lakeshore for my lockers, but was wondering what you use?  Our lockers are in the hallway, so I like them to look nice and last all year.  After I glue the picture on, I laminate them and put sticky back magnets on them and they look as good on the last day of school as they did on the first day!  The best part about these nameplates is that they are only $4.00 for 36!  Click on the picture to go directly to the site.


Pat's Paper Passion said...

My students (4th graders) are numbered at the beginning of the year. When we get into a formal line it's always number rushing to see who's first.

Therefore on the lockers I have the students' numbers. I use
Staples® Inkjet Magnetic Sheets ($12for 4 sheets) and use printshop to make some design, usually with the business card project. Last year I just used a picture frame jpg and wrote their number in the middle using dot lettering.

Katie Mense said...

OMG!!! I loved these sooo much that I made some!!! I made them a FREE download at my TPT store! ThaNks So much for the inspiration!!! Come on over and check them out:)
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