Monday, June 20, 2011

Must Have Music

When we write during Writer's Workshop, I play soft instrumental music in the background.  When the music is on, kids cannot get out of their seats.  I was pretty tired of the classic classical music, so I went on a music hunt.  I was so excited when I found these instrumental CDs at Borders.  I have also found them on Amazon and eBay.  I try to buy a new one (or two) every year, but the Bob Marley one is my favorite.  Click HERE to go directly to the Rockabye Baby site.

  I have U2, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Coldplay, and Pink Floyd.  Def Leopard just came out, too!


Molli927 said...

i totally dig these too! I have bob marley, beatles, no doubt, green day, & johnny cash. i like them because they are soothing & not distracting, but not too classic-y!

Rebecca Rojas said...

That's funny, I play these in my classroom too! I made a few mix CDs to use. What a great thing to share!

Anonymous said...

I never heard of these... but so catchy! I was afraid it would be with words when I heard those names.
I am going to be broke this summer!
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alwayslearning said...

I never knew about this! I am loving it! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

FYI: I decided to do a mini search for them and found them for 13.19 at my fav store- Target

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Miss W said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm off to check iTunes!

Miss W