Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Best Book EVER!

If you have not read this book yet, you have GOT to get it on your summer reading list.  Professional books are not usually on my summer-reading-radar, but this one is so easy and fast to read, you won't even realize you are reading a professional book!  If you teach reading during any point of your day, this book is for about INSPIRING!  If you have read it, leave a comment and tell me what you thought of the Book Whisperer! 


Ms. Draffkorn said...

Thanks so much for the recommendation! I love reading books about teaching, so I will definitely get to this over the summer.

Magnificent Multiagers!

Mrs. B said...

I LOVE this book! I read it last summer, and literally breezed through it. I'm definitely re-reading it this summer to re-inspire me before this next school year! It's totally worth the time of any teacher of any grade level that teaches reading... and it really awakens a passion in your kids as well!! :)

Samantha said...

Love, love, love this book! I too teach first and it gave me so many ideas to inspire more reading and love of reading in my class. A must have for any teacher.

Runde's Room said...

I read this book last summer and LOVED it, too! Inspiring a love of reading is my number one priority in the classroom.
Runde's Room

Mrs. Owens said...

Thank you for the recommendation! I'm always looking for new professional books.

Go Fourth! With Owens