Monday, May 30, 2011

Sight Word Fun (and Freebie)

Are your kiddos wiggly at this time of the year?  (I have 12 more days....)  Do you need to get them up and moving, but want to have them learning at the same time?  If you have answered YES to those questions, this game is for you!  

I found these cute dinosaur cut-outs at the Dollar Tree.  I am going to stick sight word labels on each dinosaur for this game that I will call Dinosaur Sight Word STOMP!  : ) 

(You could use any cut-outs or just plain old index cards.)

Split your class into two teams and have your kids take their shoes off so they are in sock feet.  Put all of the sight word cards (in this case, dinosaurs) face up, spread all over the floor in a group.  The first two kids will line up near the edge of the group of dinos.  Call out a sight word and the first child to STOMP on the correct word wins a point for his/her team.  Once the first two kids have a turn, they go to the end of their team's line.  I like to pick up the word once it has been used and make two piles so we can count who wins at the end.  I have attached a document with pre-primer, primer and first grade dolch words.  They are color coded by list (explanation of colors are at the end of the document).  I have also included many extra blank labels in case you want to type some of your own words.  Enjoy!

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