Saturday, October 15, 2011

Brag Tags {Thanks Cara, from the First Grade Parade}

Thanks to the awesome Cara from The First Grade Parade, Brag Tags are now a part of my classroom!  When I saw her Brag Tags here, I knew I had to have them!  Sooo...I emailed my wonderful principal with the link to Cara's blog and she immediately said YES to our whole first grade!  Gotta love amazing administrators!  : )

 We all know how much cuter things look with scrapbook paper! 
 Each child has a pushpin with his/her tags hanging from it on the bulletin board.
I put them on the board behind my student computers.  That board drives me crazy because it is so hard to get to.  It always ends up being a board that stays up all year, so I thought the Brag Tags were a perfect thing to hang for the whole year. is far enough out of the kids' reach so they won't get "played" with at inappropriate times.  : )  I gave the kids the B.U.G. Award tag for the first tag because we just got done studying insects.  3 of my kiddos also have the Birthday tag since they already had September birthdays.  The kids are so excited to find out which tag comes next...there are enough for each child to have one every month this year! 

If you are interested in ordering Brag Tags for your classroom, check out HERE!  They are the nicest company to work with and even have REAL people that answer the phone when you call!  And you would think they use a supersonic jet plane for the shipping because it is so stinkin fast!

Do you use these Brag Tags in your classroom?  Or are you "hooked" and going to order them now?


Busy Bees said...

I saw those and loved them. I went to the site, but have not ordered them yet. I was thinking about presenting it to my PTO for the entire building or writing a grant for them. Yours look great!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,
Thanks for your shot out! We really appreciate it. We are just as excited about BragTags™ as teachers are. It is quite amazing how much students love to collect these, and how effective they are. We are running a contest for teachers right now with cash prizes, teacher pack prizes and a flip video camera! It would be awesome if you and any of your teaching associates wanted to enter the contest - it's easy and you may win! Just answer a question:
Thanks again!
Kim (

CacheyMama said...

What a great idea! I love it. I know the kids are so excited about that, it's always fun to see your name with an award next to it :) I am a new follower via TBA. If you don't mind, please stop by and check out my blog as well!

Anonymous said...

Love them! I give brag tags also but mine are "just" diecuts from the work room. I say "just" because really from the kids reaction towards them, you'd never know it was made from scrap paper in the work room! I have an aide cut me a a handful of different dies in all different colors, whenever the scrap basket is full and they have a free minute. We have so many dies that they often can go along with our theme or seasonal activities. We also have the award ribbons or stars which I use for character counts awards and homework stars, desk fairy notes, etc. Each one has a personalized note with their name, they love it and it's easy to manage and cheap!

Jamie Ericksen said...

We love Brag Tags in my classroom and Elementary school as well! We purchased ours through Boost Promotions and I am so glad we found them. There cost is by far cheaper than other companies selling these. And not only do they have awesome designs, but they let you customize your own at no additional cost! Thank you Boost Promotions!