Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Food Fun, a Freebie & a Major Announcement

Wow...I couldn't think of a shorter title!!!  This post is packed, and you are in for a treat!!!  Stay with me to the bottom and I hope you will share in the excitement with me when you read the news I am going to share!!

First, the Halloween Food Fun!

We are getting ready for our Halloween Celebrations and of course, we have to remember the healthy treats, too!  This one is a little time consuming, but too cute!!  The bigger the orange you can find, the better.  Cut off the top, take out all of the insides and "carve" a simple face.  Fill the orange with grapes or any other small healthy food.  Cut a small slit in the top and put your spoon or fork through.  I forgot my green spoon for the much cuter with a green spoon handle sticking out like it is the stem.

I make this veggie skeleton for my own kids' preschool snack.  Healthy and fun!

Here is your freebie...a fun "following directions activity"!
Click on the cover page to go to my TPT store to download it for FREE!
Graphics courtesy of Scrappin Doodles.

And now, for the major announcement!
A little background first...I am so very fortunate to work in a district that has a full time literacy consultant. Kate is a blessing to our staff and has transformed our district into a K-8 Readers Workshop world! If you enter any classroom during a reading block, you will see a mini lesson, active engagement, independent reading, conferencing, partner work and a share. Kate has made this possible across our whole district in 2 short years! Readers workshop has transformed the way I look at reading instruction and it is proven in our reading scores! Kate is the Donalyn Miller, Debbie Miller and The Sisters all rolled into one...just without a published book or website. This girl is amazing!!!! People in the teaching job market get interviews in neighboring districts just because she is a reference on their resumes! Yes, ladies and gents, she is THAT good!  My friend and I always say we feel smarter every time we talk to her!  : )

Kate and I met today to talk about some amazing resources that she has created for the Daily Five and Readers Workshop model. They are almost ready to be rolled out and posted here on this little blog of mine. When she pitched the idea to me, I was in awe and saying to myself..."why didn't you think of this sooner!" You all will be totally amazed!

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Mrs. Youngblut said...

I just finished cutting and cleaning the veggies to make the skeletons tomorrow with my class. Luckily I had wonderful parents who sent the veggies!

Jen R. (The Teachers' Cauldron) said...

I do that pumpkin paper activity every year - the kids are always amazed by it!

and I'm excited to see what your friend as in store for us!! via your blog :)

Holly said...

I just gave you the Blog on Fire award. Stop by to check it out!!!!

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