Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Box Tops and Campbell's Labels for Education

Does your school collect Box Tops or Campbell's Labels For Education (LFE)?  Box Tops will give you 10 cents for each label and LFE points add up so you can spend them in their rewards catalog.  Every year, our amazing PTO holds contests through out the school year to see which class can collect the most labels and Box Tops.  The rewards range from Popsicle parties to an extra recess for the winning class.  This past year, I won the Box Tops contests all year and the LFE contest!  I had over 9,000 LFE and the second place class had 3,000.  How did I win by a landslide?  Good ol' bribery.  : )  My kids can earn a point sticker for each Box Top or label turned in to our collection box in our classroom.  The point stickers get placed on the child's incentive sheet.  When they collect 10 stickers, they get a gumball from our gumball  machine and when they fill the whole sheet, they get to pick from our prize box.  My prize box has books from Scholastic, fast food toys, trinket items from the Dollar Tree, etc.  I have kids telling parents to only buy cereal with Box Tops on the boxes or to peel the soup label off the can before they even eat the soup!  Love it!

Here are my bee theme incentive charts and stickers from Carson Dellosa.  I have a bee theme in my classroom...it is fun to find all of the coordinating stuff!  My teaching partner, Andrea from Stepping Into First Grade, has a ladybug room.  Check out her latest purchase at her blog. 
(Click on the picture to go directly to the site to purchase.)  

Here is my gumball machine.  The kids LOVE this!  I found it at the Salvation Army and it was well worth the money!  Being able to chew gum in school is the ultimate prize!  : )


Amy said...

We do Box Tops at my school. My class came in 2nd last year! It's a big deal at my school. I am a crazy lady when it comes to snipping box tops!

Amanda Myers said...

Our school has placed first or second in Canada for the past several years. We have gotten so many wonderful items from this program. We have a couple of church groups that help us to collect and count all the labels. We can't collect box tops here in Canada.

Alysia Battista said...

Love the gumball machine! Too bad I found your blog now, I just had a bee-themed giveaway and would have told you to enter!
Miss B, Busy Bee

Dijobaker said...

I also bought 2 gumball machines this summer (without a stand). I got one from ebay and another from a garage sale. I plan to put gum in one and skittles in the other. Diane