Saturday, July 23, 2011

Welcome Packet for Parents

I was editing my Welcome Packet/First Grade Handbook for Parents and thought I would share.  I would have appreciated something like this in my earlier years of teaching!  Of course, if I didn't have this by now, I would have appreciated it just as much in the middle of my career.  : )  Feel free to download and change what you need to make it more personal for yourself and your class.  I left it in Word format so you are able to edit it as you see fit.  Enjoy!

**I have been hearing (at various different times) the document below isn't showing up...Google Docs drives me CrAzY!  If you can't see anything below, trying clicking HERE.**
If that doesn't work, email me and I will get it to you.  (I'm away on vacation minus Internet until August 2nd, so please be patient.)


Mrs.M said...

awesome, thanks!! I'm also your newest follower, glad to have found your blog!

Gena @ The Techy Teacher

Ana said...

This is awesome! I am a first year teacher, so this is VERY helpful! Thank you
Ana @

Mrs. S. said...

God bless you! I wish I'd had something similar my first year...I was hired on Thursday afternoon @ 2:30. School started Friday morning, and Open House was at 7:00 p.m. the same Thursday I was hired!! I thought I'd die those first two months!

Melly <><

Second Grade Strategies

meesabelle said...

This is a great resource! Thank you!
First Grade Frame of Mind

Camille said...

Jamie, I will never my very first year when a teacher at a different grade level took me under her wing and handed me her parent packet. I had no idea what should go in the packet, but thanks to her I looked much more "with it" than I was. Now you have done the same for so many teachers. Good for you!
An Open Door

Ms. Male said...

This is going to really help a lot of new teachers out there out A LOT... plus mine needs a little revamping too. Thanks for sharing!

A Day in the Life of a 2nd Grade Teacher

Michelle said...

Thanks so much for your packet! I am a first year teacher and this has saved me a lot of time figuring out a lot of things!

Mrs. K said...

I am a first year teacher and wanted to give you a HUGE THANK YOU for this FABULOUS free resource!!!!!!!!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

I always love to read other teacher's packet of info.. to see what they say.. I always feel like mine is too much info at one time!

Thanks for sharing!

Doodle Bugs Teaching
Doodle Bugs Paper

Ms. Jackson's in First said...

Thank you SOOOO much for posting this! I just got my first teaching job and it is in 1st Grade! This will be very helpful! :)

AnnaL said...

Hello! This sounds like an awesome packet, but unfortunately, it is not opening for me! Can you email it to me?

Mariann said...

Thank you for sharing!!!!!

Ms. Benson's View said...

Thank you for sharing this! I am a second year teacher but it is my first year in first... would you mind e-mailing it to me as well?
Thank you!!