Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Room Pics Day #2 {Massive Library}

Another full day and a whole lot done!  I'm taking tomorrow off...I've had enough of my hot room for a few days!  Here are a few pictures of accomplishments from today!  They are mostly of my desk area and massive library.  : ) 

P.S.  If you click on the picture, you can get a better look.  : )

This is my little corner behind my desk (computer table). 
I gave up my honkin' teacher desk 3 years ago and LOVE it being gone!

Desk area to the left, meeting area to the right.  Blue tubs are filled with my leveled library.

This is my leveled library.  It "hugs" the meeting area. 
I love that it surrounds the kids when we meet at the carpet.

Just added new cute leveled labels today.  Thanks for the labels, Deanna Jump!

This is my "Look Book" shelf.  Mostly themed, non-fiction books that the kids can choose from to add to their book bags.

These colored tubs on top of my cabinets are also themed books.  They start with the first day of school type books and go in order by science and social studies units all the way to the end of the year.

The train of books keeps going and going and going.  LOVE!!!

I still have to unload the kids' lockers in the hallways to fill these tubs.  They are all specific author tubs.  The more popular authors in my room (think Mo Willems) have more than one tub.

 The custodians gave me permisson not to box up all the books in my room for summer cleaning this year because they didn't want to have to move all those heavy boxes. LOL I didn't want them falling off the shelves during the move for cleaning, so I stacked them in order in the lockers outside in the hallway. The tubs on the cabinets were just covered with garbage bags and the leveled library got to stay on the shelves because those shelves have wheels. : )

Our reading coach got a grant to purchase a bazzilion blue book tubs for us as well as lots of brand new leveled books last year! Our principal knew how much we needed them and purchased even more tubs and books! I have the best administrators who are in it for the kids all the way!!! It is so great to have that kind of support!

I have a poster in the back of my room with an illustration from David Shannon that says "Never Enough Books!" I hold that saying close to my heart!!! I would love to count them someday...wonder how long that would take?


S. Parker said...

Love that your room is surrounded by books. I can't start thinking about my classroom until I know where the books will go.

April Brown said...

Love it. Mine is just like yours. Books everywhere. I had to buy more shelves to put them on.
Like you, I've got an addiction to books. I just don't think you could go wrong with books, they are just so versatile, they can help you teach, math, reading, writing, social, science, etc.
I know your students will love all of the books in your classroom. Mine sure do.
Ms. Brown's Grade 2 Class

Jennifer said...

OMG... your book organization is a DREAM! I love it!

Thanks for linking up. Here's a link to other teacher's classroom pictures!

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