Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Room Pictures Day #1

Whew!  I'm tuckered out...and my room looks like a disaster even though I got a TON (plus some) done.  It always seems to get messy before it gets better!  Here are some pictures for you to see...I'm going back tomorrow bright and early and hope to get it looking even better!  Ya, know...after 9 classroom set-ups, you would think the 10th one would be easy, right?  Wrong...all of the amazing blogs out there gave me so many good ideas, I feel like I am starting from scratch!  But...it's a good thing!

Walking-in-the-door view.  Here we go...

Back corner looking towards the door.

Other back corner.  I LOVE my tables for the kiddos!

Front corner looking from my desk.  See all the bags on top of the back cupboards?  They are covering just a fraction of my classroom library.  I have a serious book addiction that I will show you at a later date.

That little, tiny, skinny bulletin board took forever and a year to get paper and border on!

Close-up of the trim.  It is from Carson Dellosa and it is their Pop-up Trim .  Cute, but a pain in the rear to assemble!!!

Math shelf.  Tubs above will be my math tubs.

These drawers seem like a good idea, but the tracks break all.the.time.  And, to top that off, the company no longer makes replacement parts.  I am in the middle of an extreme label makeover.  Thanks to Deanna Jump and another blogger (couldn't find her name...yikes), I now have cute, new labels for my stuff!

See what I mean?  It gets worse before it gets better!

Whipped these labels up today for my math tubs.  LOVE!

The custodians wanted to leave for the day, so this is as far as I got on my calendar board before I got escorted out of the building.  The beehives don't have the magnetic bees on them yet for my behavior system.  More to come...

You can see my day #2 and my library HERE.


Kitty W said...

I'm laughing because you could be describing me last year. Don't you wonder who designs things? "Hey, let's put up a silly, skinny bulletin board that is too big to leave plain, but too small to fit any standard paper. Oh, and let's make it go across the room so you have buy two packages of borders." Your room is coming along, I can't wait to tomorrows progress!
The Write Handed Teacher

Jewels said...

"Escorted out of the building..." I can not imagine this! I have been known to stay at work on weekends until the wee hours of the morning!

Cortney said...

I know it always gets worse before it gets better. I love the bulletin board border, very cute.

Dee said...

Your room is looking great, really coming along. I love the bee border! Can't wait to see your library.
First Impressions

Ginger Snaps said...

I love all the windows!! It lives up the room!

kvh(d) said...

I have a bee theme in my third grade classroom and used the same 3-D border. I am SO glad you thought it was a pain as well because it drove me nuts! It will be up all year, that's for sure. Good luck setting up your room!